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China Investment Association executive director units, national enterprise culture advanced units - Lianhua International Holding Group, was established in September 23, 1993, now has employees of more than 3 thousand people, had solved the 5 million jobs. UMC's top exchange platform - will be brought together 20,000 UMC Elite.
    Group set up under the International Group Corp., New Lianhua Industry Group, Galaxy Innovation Capital Group of three sub-groups, the project throughout the country 14 provinces (cities, districts), and has successfully entered the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, the United States, Hong Kong and other international markets .
    Lianhua to "do deserve respect social enterprise" principle, and actively support football as the center of cultural and sports undertakings and various social welfare services. Has donated more than hope primary and secondary schools, the establishment of Licai scholarship, hopes to study funds, pension hometown Education Fund, and actively to the Red Cross, "caring mother" fund, "to children in the mountains" and other public institutions contribute to Wenchuan Yushu, Wuyuan contributions and other affected areas, and continue to support the cause of Buddhism, and other donated pagoda temple infrastructure, pioneered the establishment of "a harmonious community to create office", the establishment of community universities for the elderly and other public welfare undertakings.
    All along, adhering to the "UMC is the quality of" business philosophy, Lianhua international success creating "Yonghuating" Sunshine Coast "Dyna", "Xinghe Cheng" and other excellent sub-brands, while high-quality products and services to win the Owner , widely recognized and praised customers, partners, and has gains international commercial real estate Oscar Award, honorary strength of 50 Chinese real estate development enterprises, China's real estate culture brand enterprises.
    Lianhua International Times spirited new era, persistent innovation, pursuit of excellence, and never stop, adhere to "international, fashion, culture and quality" concept, UMC is moving in the modern century enterprise goal of unremitting efforts.