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"Lianhua" name "Lianhua International Club", Lianhua International Holding Group in 2005 in Dongguan, China founded enterprise member clubs, and endorsement by the famous performing artist Mr. Chen Daoming, currently has a membership of 20000, is the advantage of platform members and friends sharing of resources, cultural exchanges, emotional interaction.
Here, the majority of members can not only easily obtain Lianhua international real estate, property, hotels, scenic spots, industrial investment to provide a variety of value-added services, but also through the colorful activities of the club and open and convenient network platform with the vast number of friends who are members interact, share happy life bit by bit. Understanding and communication, experience or share, Lianhua will invite friendsju you, can also explore, in the spirit of common community, life will be unlimited wonderful!
After becoming a member of the Lianhua, you will enjoy the priority informed Lianhua project information, select business concessions and other colorful membership rights and interests, you can browse through the Lianhua will micro channel, Lianhua official website of the detailed understanding.
"Lianhua" transactions, business alliance is Lianhua for our members to provide many of the rights and interests of a unique two, of which "Lianhua" is to facilitate our members understand the Lianhua culture, perception of life regular membership magazine; and business alliance is Lianhua by virtue of its own brand advantage of the achievements of the integration of resources. Through the selection of businesses, you can find many well-known in the catering, clothing, household and other industries and fields of businesses and products, and with the help of Lianhua will members of the distinguished identity to obtain various preferential and special services -- "innovative life experience".
Thank you for your concern about the Lianhua will! "Unlimited loyalty to customers" is our principle, we are ready to provide you with the best quality service.
National customer service hotline: 400-888-2555
Address: Dongguan China Dongcheng District Galaxy new world No. 29